Jeg har hentet et lite stykke fra bloggen til Nyhetsredaktøren i Jerusalem Post. Krig bringer med seg så mye rart. Noen tjener til og med på krigen…

«There is a steakhouse not far from the Gaza border that has a closed military zone inside it at the back. There is a sign on a drawing board which says: War Room, High Command, No Entry, Closed Zone. Behind the drawing board are three little red road dividers, behind which are two round tables with several clean glasses placed top down on them, ready for use at any moment. The proprietor of the establishment not only cooks a mean steak, he also briefs foreign reporters on the situation – military and diplomatically. “Hamas is going to beg for peace,” he tells a Japanese TV crew, adding, “they’re already begging for peace. It won’t last too long but this time the game is different, we’re hitting them hard.”

Business is good for the restaurants and cafes in the vicinity of the Gaza border these days. Apart from the locals, there are scores of military personnel as well as local and foreign reporters and camera crews swarming around consuming large amounts of falafels and coffee.

Even the hardcore Dutch TV reporter who believes Israel is no longer a democratic state because it won’t allow foreign journalists access to Gaza likes our pita.»