The semester has started and tomorrow is the first lecture. We have also got assignments for the next two weeks. Since some of the students don’t speak Norwegian I will try to write in English. Since I am dyslectic it is a bit more difficult than writing in Norwegian. I have to write the post in a word document first so that I have the aid of a spelling program. I wish I was a spelling master – but I never will be! But I am clever at many other things!

I want to take Huin 105 to learn more about the web and web design. I find Digital Culture very interesting. From the first time I used a computer I was hooked. It has been fascinating to follow the development of the computers and the Internet, and all the fun things that you can do with the combination of the two. Today everything is so easy to use. Not like in the old days when there was no “clicking” with the mouse. There was no “Windows”. I had to write commands for everything. And had to remember them! I was a master with my first statistical analysis program RS/1!

I remember my father in law, at that time around 75 years old, asked me to show him how to use the computer he had bought him self. A Comodore 64! He was a highly educated man who wrote a lot, so he wanted to use it to write documents etc. The first thing he wrote was “Dear Vibeke-please take this very slowly for this is extremely difficult for an old man to learn”. But he managed and never went back to use the typewriter. Today it would have been much easier for him I think. Everything is “just a click away”!

My main interest is design, creativity, culture and colors. It is a passion! Why did I then study fish biology? It is a good question. I liked (and still does like) biology and I was good at it. And it seemed like a good idea to take a master in Biology and keep culture, design and colors as a hobby. When you write a master you need to use all your creativity to make a good discussion in your thesis so creativity is good almost everywhere. But when I now have the possibility to study web culture and web design I am totally delighted. It is just pure fun!

Last semester I attended the courses Huin 100 and Huin 102. In Huin 102 we were supposed to write a blog. I found it very exciting and fun! In the beginning I only wrote about the lectures and such but when the semester ended I continued with other things. But now I guess it will mostly be related to Huin 105 (and Huin104). I also have a blog for my family. Most of my family lives far from Bergen so it is a nice way to keep them updated! And I have a creativity blog at But I have way to few posts there….

That’s all for now!

PS. I still like fishes. Had I seen this before Christmas I know they would have been high on my list for Santa…

Fish instead of a mouse! (from

For the Christmas tree…. (also from