It felt like someone had raped my girls. My mighty, strong and beautiful girls who fight bad guys and monsters with pride every day. They stood there quiet, nearly naked by the mailbox. Their skin was so white and made them look so vulnerable and lonesome. All their things were gone. Thieves had cleaned them out thoroughly. Nearly nothing was left. The result of months of hard work was stolen. I felt so bad for them. And for me. Because they were my girls and I should have kept them safe. They fight for me nearly everyday and bring me so much pleasure and happiness. So it felt that the thieves had not only stolen my girl’s possessions, but a part of my life to.

I was lucky; I have great friends who understood that something was not right with my girls. They had taken care of things and my girls stolen properties was returned to them by the mail. While I helped them get their clothes and equipment on again and restored them to their former pride, I felt both happy and sad. Sad because my account was hacked and happy that my friends help had brought everything back before I even knew I was hacked.

I spent two hours being happy, stressed and sad at the same time, sorting out all my characters things. Time I should have spent with my Family in an Italian restaurant in Brussels. Instead I was alone in a hotel room spending time with my girls and talking with my guild mates.

I guess you wonder what happened. I play the game World of Warcaft. It is a passion. My girls are my characters that I play in the game. They have equipments and possessions that have taken months of work to get. And now my account was hacked and the hackers stole everything from all my characters. I guess they stood by the mailbox because they had sent my things by mail to their characters. It was only the death knight who did not stand by a mailbox. I guess that was because she would die trying to get there. Also soulbound things were stolen. And emblems etc. Of course they also had been stealing from our Guild bank. But luckily we got that back too. Blizzard did a good job.

The day I my account was hacked I felt so many different feelings. And no one in my family understood how I felt. So I was so happy when one of my guildfriends called me and I could tell her everything. She understood.

I am so happy that Blizzard works so fast and takes good care of people that are being hacked. But most of all I am extremely thankful for the help of my guildmate who had got everything back to me before I even knew I was hacked. Mike –me and my girls love you forever!

I am going to do whatever I can to keep my girls safe! They and my guild are important to me. Authenticator is installed and we will work to keep others safe to.